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    Poly Plans™
    Leveraging channels for structured approach to markets
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    Autotrade with ease
    Pick and choose which plans your like and let our systems handle the rest

How it works

See the markets before executing your decisions with measured risk and reward.

Every trade you make should always be thought out in advance so your actions remove emotion.

After you take a free assessment, we match you to plans for your consideration based on allocations attributed to your tolerance.

Then you may elect to follow any plan to manage yourself or enable our system to manage it for you. Every plan comes with a brief write up, interactive chart and 3 channels with risk/reward for each execution along with break even targets should the trade go against you and you wish to exit at cost.

Trading the plans manually is free and if you decide, you can purchase tokens to allow our system to manage the trade autmatically (with approved broker)


Plans created




% Accuracy


% Returns

Pricing Explained

Signup is free and everyone must take a free risk assessment to properly determine their individual tolerance.

Manual Plans

  • Per plan price
  • User picks plans
  • User manages trades

Auto-traded Plans

  • Per year, all plans free
  • User picks plans
  • System manages trades
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AI Managed

  • Per year, all plans free
  • System picks plans
  • System manages trades
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Note: Only supported brokers are available for auto-trading. Manual trades requires users to place trades at preset levels and actively manage the trade to completion.

Interactive Charts

See the channels and how to interact with the price as time passes. Enables you to visualize the trade

A lot of happy customers

Built to give investors insight into how to trade with channels and provide structured approach to risk

Interactive Dashboard

Quickly see a snapshot of your performance and review key elements around your account.

Want to talk?

Feel free to drop us a line to discuss further or just to understand our approach.

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